Stephanie Phillips produces songs and sounds that ring like glass wind chimes and bless your ears with stories of truth, love, loss and family. It's a world within an album and it's a world I would want to live in.”


Stephanie Phillips

Connecting hearts and minds through music

Stephanie Phillips has been singing, playing guitar, and writing music from an early age. She has performed all over the United States, including many clubs in New York City such as the SpeakEasy and the Village Gate. A highlight of her career was opening for EmmyLou Harris in the 1990's. 

Stephanie describes her music as "progressive folk", taking her inspiration from giants such as Billy Joel, James Taylor, and Dan Fogelberg. Her music takes the listener on a sonic journey of all the emotional aspects of life - love, loss, hope, and despair. Stephanie is also not afraid to tackle social justice issues that arise in the nation and the world.  

Her latest CD, entitled “Carousel of Hope”, was released in December 2022. Stephanie's music can be found on digital platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify, as well as on her website: 

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Brimming with her assured songwriting charm and threaded with her elegant vocal delivery, across her new album Stephanie Phillips shares a beautifully crafted sound of folk music that’s both modern and timeless. As she continues to bring joy to listeners via her enduring and celebrated sonic endeavours, Carousel of Hope is the latest gem from the talented artist.” - Alberto Massaro

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Acoustic Folk from West Chester, PA, US. Talented singer and songwriter Stephanie Phillips shares new album ‘Carousel of Hope’, a collection of 14 soothing pieces all boasting her distinctive sound, modern folk with relatable storytelling...An experienced performer, Phillips possesses the mysterious ability to create sonically warming musical pieces, in part thanks to her evocative vocals and melodious guitar playing. Crowning a lifetime of passion for music, ‘Carousel of Hope’ is the record we should all listen to this winter. ” - Gabriel Mazza


This collection of folk songs showcases her ability to emotively tell a range of stories and convey a range of emotions. Each song is a warm and fuzzy poetic narrative that showcases Phillips’ skills as a songwriter and performer. Phillips’ ability to draw on life to create relatable and engaging music is the connection forged between music and listener. Whether you’re looking for a record that will transport you to another place and time or one that will simply make you feel fuzzy, Carousel of Hope is a must listen. Stephanie Phillips has sculpted a forward looking folk record with a feel for aspiration while being rooted in human emotions and experience.” - Rubin Mathias

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